How to Treat a Wooden Floor

wood floor and bricks wall

You’ve probably already got your own pad and whether you’re renting or you’ve decided to buy I expect you can’t wait to put your own unique stamp on the place of course there are many ways you can bring the interior of your home to life but one of the simplest ways to create that … Read more

Applying translucent concrete stain

Translucent Concrete Stain pattern

Any drab, lifeless slab of concrete can be transformed into a warm, decorative surface that provides character to any exterior or interior space with translucent concrete stains. Translucent stain’s semi-transparent appearance provides a deep, rich color that highlights the natural variations in any concrete surface. Translucent stain is a safe, water-based, polymer-bonded formula that provides … Read more

Apple tree pruning how to

Apple trees are among the most widely adapted and rewarding fruit trees you can grow. There are literally hundreds of varieties, with one or more suited to almost every climate. To remain healthy and productive, however, apple trees must be pruned (trimmed and shaped) each year. Apples bear their fruit on small spurs, which are … Read more

How to make stone walls

staurs and stone walls

You don’t have to be a New Englander to appreciate a well-built stone wall, though it probably helps. The first settlers found stone everywhere, pushed up by the ground as it froze and thawed. Fortunately, the same stones that stopped the plow, defined the boundaries of newly cleared fields. Decades passed. The earth swallowed up … Read more