How to Treat a Wooden Floor

wood floor and bricks wall

You’ve probably already got your own pad and whether you’re renting or you’ve decided to buy I expect you can’t wait to put your own unique stamp on the place of course there are many ways you can bring the interior of your home to life but one of the simplest ways to create that … Read more

Resurfacing concrete

cement floor plaster

Although concrete is one of the most durable building materials available, time, traffic and the elements can cause the concrete surface to spall, wear and discolor. Concrete Resurfacer (check on Amazon) can provide a new, durable, wear-resistant surface on old, worn concrete driveways, sidewalks and patios that will last the life of the concrete. Concrete … Read more

How to repair a concrete driveway

concrete driveway house

Many concrete driveway repairs can actually be done by a handy homeowner… perhaps you are one of them – let’s find out. Ok, why repair a concrete driveway rather than replace it? …because concrete driveway repair costs a fraction of what it would to replace it. When it’s possible, repairing rather than replacing a concrete … Read more

Resin vs Epoxy

Polyester resin Vs epoxy resin

Resin and epoxy both are adhesives which originally came from the heavy industry and construction. Over time their usefulness and toughness got them to be adopted on other areas as well. Today you can buy them in containers for table-topping and floors (check on Amazon), glue gun cartridges, syringes and ready to use packets

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Apple tree pruning how to

Apple trees are among the most widely adapted and rewarding fruit trees you can grow. There are literally hundreds of varieties, with one or more suited to almost every climate. To remain healthy and productive, however, apple trees must be pruned (trimmed and shaped) each year. Apples bear their fruit on small spurs, which are … Read more

Construction of drywall-do it yourself

Home Construction Wood Home

Most drywall works are usually tasks that require skill and a great experience. Often, drywall work is accompanied by engineering drawings and designs aimed at creating a finished product that has a certain appearance and ability to withstand various physical conditions, for example, niches, shelves or plasterboard buffets that need to bear weight, not to … Read more

Thermal camera for detecting water leaks

thermal image camera

How does the thermal camera work ■ when should you use a thermal camera? ■ When the thermal camera is not needed ■ for anything Price ■ in thermal camera-the cheapest is the expensive ■ thermal camera-tips and recommendations The technological introduction has not lost on the world of plumbing and various innovations are upgrading … Read more