14 ways to recycle packing peanuts

So the item you ordered just arrives and when you finally opened it, the first thing you notice is the layers upon layers of white peanut packing. As you dig deeper to reach for your precious item, the question often reverberating behind your mind is:

‘God, what am I going to do with all these packing peanuts now?’

For many regular shoppers, this scenario is not very surprising or uncommon. Thousands of shipping companies the world over makes use of peanut packing to package rather fragile items. The peanut packing helps protect most fragile items from damage while in transit.

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Gorilla glue vs Super glue vs Krazy glue

It all started after a friendly fight in my neighbor’s workshop where he said that Gorilla glue is the only quick dry glue he ever needs while I claimed that the original super glue is good enough for my amateur needs. For the fun of it, we added Krazy glue and scotch as well.

gorilla krazy super scotch glue packs

The next step was to agree on a set of tests that will determine which one is better, remember that we are not experts and we definitely do not have a fancy testing lab or anything like that. We have decided to test those products for common uses.  Sure, other people have other uses but for us, this list of tests seems to be enough. We have also included a list of the main things we do with fast adhesives here so you will be able to understand the reasoning for the tests.

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Resin vs Epoxy

Resin and epoxy both are adhesives which originally came from the heavy industry and construction. Over time their usefulness and toughness got them to be adopted on other areas as well. Today you can buy them in containers for table-topping and floors (check on Amazon), glue gun cartridges, syringes and ready to use packets

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Gaffer tape vs Duct tape

Like anybody else, I always keep a few rolls of duct tape around, one at home, one in my car, one with the camping gear etc. This stuff is so useful that it gives you peace of mind to know that you always have on hand.

I have tested both the gaffer and the duck cloth brands and listed my little research results down below. Yes, they are all multi-purpose, they all have a fabric back and they can all hold a fort. But which one is the best? Which one would l trust to be in the front of my toolbox for a quick fix?

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