Applying translucent concrete stain

Translucent Concrete Stain pattern

Any drab, lifeless slab of concrete can be transformed into a warm, decorative surface that provides character to any exterior or interior space with translucent concrete stains. Translucent stain’s semi-transparent appearance provides a deep, rich color that highlights the natural variations in any concrete surface. Translucent stain is a safe, water-based, polymer-bonded formula that provides … Read more

Pipe repair plumbing

home plumbing pipes

When should the plumbing be replaced? ■ Which piping should you put? ■ Pipe laying methods ■ pipe replacement-tips and recommendations ■ after pipe replacement ■ pipe replacement price She lies there, under the floors or behind the wall and as long as she does not cause trouble – we tend to forget about her … Read more

14 ways to recycle packing peanuts

Packing peanuts plastic packaging material

So the item you ordered just arrives and when you finally opened it, the first thing you notice is the layers upon layers of white peanut packing. As you dig deeper to reach for your precious item, the question often reverberating behind your mind is:

‘God, what am I going to do with all these packing peanuts now?’

For many regular shoppers, this scenario is not very surprising or uncommon. Thousands of shipping companies the world over makes use of peanut packing to package rather fragile items. The peanut packing helps protect most fragile items from damage while in transit.

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Resin vs Epoxy

Polyester resin Vs epoxy resin

Resin and epoxy both are adhesives which originally came from the heavy industry and construction. Over time their usefulness and toughness got them to be adopted on other areas as well. Today you can buy them in containers for table-topping and floors (check on Amazon), glue gun cartridges, syringes and ready to use packets

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Generator operating guide

Isolated Machine Generator Portable  - jeanvdmeulen / Pixabay

What to do, what is forbidden to do and for what it is important to strictly observe when working with a generator A generator is an indispensable tool for those who work in the field, away from electrical infrastructure – but it is very important to operate it correctly. Incorrect operation of the generator can … Read more

Full plumbing tool kit

plumbing pipe wrench

Few things strike terror in homeowners’ hearts like plumbing gone awry. And, conversely, few things are as satisfying as having the right tool handy when trouble strikes. You could save yourself the cost of a new floor. Likewise, if you want to extend supply pipes or install a faucet, the job will be a lot … Read more