Stained or painted concrete floors

cracked driveway

Though concrete is a hard and reliable building material, it may become dowdy and colorless when used in the processing of buildings like floors and walls. Generally, there are many houses, buildings, warehouses, and other constructions in which concrete is used for floors. The floors made of concrete require a type of coating to become … Read more

Concrete Floor Leveling products

cement floor plaster

If a person’s house is constructed on a slab and he/she wants to refurbish the basement or garage, then he/she would have to pact with the concrete floor. Most of the flooring materials can be mounted over concrete, including carpet, wood, and tile. For achieving the best results, one will have to do the concrete … Read more

Repairing Cracks in Concrete

cracked concrete

The best contractor we know guarantees his concrete work to be free of cracks “for as long as it takes me to get in my truck and drive away.” He’s being a bit flip, but he’s also acknowledging a fact of life: all concrete cracks. It’s a rigid material in a flexible world. Earth movement, … Read more

How to make stone walls

staurs and stone walls

You don’t have to be a New Englander to appreciate a well-built stone wall, though it probably helps. The first settlers found stone everywhere, pushed up by the ground as it froze and thawed. Fortunately, the same stones that stopped the plow, defined the boundaries of newly cleared fields. Decades passed. The earth swallowed up … Read more

Six Essential Wiring Skills, Learn Them All in Minutes

light bulb connected to the socket

Just about anyone can do basic home wiring. If you’re careful about connections and follow a few commonsense safety tips, wiring is among the most predictable, pleasant parts of construction. And you’re never long in doubt whether you’ve wired things correctly. If you goof, a fuse or a breaker trips harmlessly; if you do it …