What is DampRid?

Don’t you hate this little musty smell you get when you enter your basement? Have you got moisture in the air around you? Well, you probably need DampRid.  Just leave it in the humid space and you will easily get rid of the excess moisture from the air.

DampRid (chceck on Amazon)  a portfolio fo solutions aims to attract and trap moisture from the air.  By reducing the humidity DampRid prevents damage to goods (mainly from the mold) and musty odors which are common in close spaces. The main ingredient is a salt names calcium chloride which is all natural, refillable and disposable. 

Its role is to help keep the moisture level below 60 percent.

Why do you need to decrease moisture in the air?

Mold is a harmful fungus that grows into our home from too much moisture. Mold can be easily found in wet areas like bathroom, attics, and basements. They can grow in places like leaking roofs, pipes, windows or walls. By keeping your room with minimum moisture, you will be able to prevent this mold from growing into your rooms.

Heavily molded room

DampRid can be purchased in fragrance-free or different pleasurable scents to make a room fresh and free from that musty smell. I believe that anyone in a humid-risk area needs to keep it in the basement, closet, laundry room, office, kitchen, garage, storage unit, gym locker or even in the car.

TIP: If you don’t really suffer from the obvious signs it doesn’t mean that you are safe. A humidity gauge is something always handy to have around.

DampRid ingredients:

There is only one simple ingredient used in DampRid. DampRid consists of a non-toxic mineral called calcium chloride which is in the shape of large crystals of salt. It is very similar to rock salt and can be commonly found anywhere. You can use it for melting snow or hard ice and is widely used in products like de-icers. People usually toss this mineral in swimming pools and aquariums in order to balance the chemical level of the water as well. Calcium chloride is also sometimes used in canned food products like tofu or canned vegetables to firm them up. Although the use of this mineral in foods is somewhat debatable, I recommend you not to consume it because it is not safe. The method of calcium chloride is also used by doctors for the treatment of some diseases. The ingredient inside DampRid does not have any bad odor and is safe to use.

The main benefits of it are:

  • Replaceable and refillable.
  • Disposable
  • Highly effective dehumidifier.

Is DampRid toxic?

According to my extensive online research DampRid does not emit any fumes, vapor or gas of any type, so it is not toxic or harmful for the environment. It is an all-natural product and will not provide any irritation.

not toxic

Even though the mineral used in DampRid is all natural, it should be placed in a position that is out of reach for children and pets. The contents should be avoided to be in contact with eyes or skin and should not be consumed in any case. If in contact with eyes, immediately wash. Remove any contact lenses and thoroughly rinse with cold water. If in contact with skin, wash with soap. In case of continuing irritation, seek medical assistance. If the contents are ingested, seek immediate medical help. However, the manufacturers say that children might put it in their mouths but will not swallow it due to the bad taste.

The product is covered with a tight lid, so it does not permit the calcium chloride to fall out, but to stay cautious, it is best