Makita cordless drill review

Makita Cordless Drills Making Their Mark Of Quality

If you truly want to stick with the best in any given industry then you want to make sure that you are using the products of a field innovator and in the field of high quality and high performance, cordless drills (see the best choices at amazon) that are compact and lightweight as well as easy to use then the innovator in that field is the Makita cordless drill. Always looking to be ahead of the curve the Makita cordless drill was the first to use the long-lasting Li-ion battery and also one of the first companies to seriously develop cordless technology. It is easy to say that your company sits on top as an industry first and an innovator but the Makita cordless drill goes out and proves itself time after time to be the one true innovator in cordless drill technology.

The Makita cordless drill is constantly used as the measuring stick for all of the rest of the industry to follow and their dedication to new technology makes them the one that the rest of the pack has been following for years. As the rest of the industry tries to pass itself off as Makita quality by putting their products in that familiar green Makita casing you can tell right away from the moment you put your hands on a Makita cordless drill whether or not it is an original Makita or just an imitator.

Technology Marches Forward

In their quest to stay in front of the pack Makita offers the new 18-volt battery (check on amazon) as just another in their long list of Makita cordless drill innovations that makes them the industry leader. Makita did not stop at the Makita cordless drill. They expanded their lines to include cordless saws and nail guns and now thanks to Makita innovation tasks that used to require an extension cord and heavy power tools to do right can now be done with quality cordless tools from the research and development minds of the engineers that work tirelessly to make Makita the top name in cordless power tools.

Makita quality has spanned the 1900’s and they come into the 2000’s ready for the challenge and they want the customer to know that when you buy a Makita cordless power tool you know you are getting years of experience and the most extensive expertise available in the industry. You can always look to Makita to be in the front of the industry making new developments in cordless power technology just like they did all of those years ago when they changed the entire power tool industry with the Makita cordless drill.

The Power of Makita Tools

Makita Tools are considered the best in the class for cordless power tool technology. The tools are meant for professionals and the company has gained a lot of popularity in the USA. Now Makita Tools are the most reliable Power Tools and have the biggest selling range of Industrial Power Tools and accessories in the world.


Because of their reliability and durability, Makita Tools are the support of millions of engineers, construction workers, builders, plumbers, joiners and electricians all over the world. It comes with a comprehensive guarantee of its rock-solid performance. With Makita Tools quality is at its best, the tools always perform well and they last long and have become a favorite for all professionals.

Makita tools are engineered to meet exacting standards, and there are many accessories that come with it as Standard Equipment, so it is good value for money. Makita is an 85-year old company and the first electric tool was manufactured in 1958. Today it has seven manufacturing facilities globally and manufactures 350 superior innovative tools.

Different Types of Tools

Makita Tools also include air-powered tools, cordless powered tools, electric-powered tools, gas-powered tools, and battery-powered tools, hand tools and safety equipment. The air-powered tools are air brad nailers, stick framing nailers, or air staplers. Amongst the cordless power tools are cordless hammer drills, planers, saws, etc.

The Makita Tools which are electric power tools are the jigsaws, planers, sanders, shears, drills, and saws as well. The gas-powered generators and snow blowers are among the gas and battery-powered tools. Hand tools include simple utility knives and screwdrivers, but also caulk guns, lasers, and punches.

The current specials for Makita Tools are the drill and driver combination tool and an angle grinder with a free diamond blade and case. There is a wide range of gardening tools available as well, which could be useful for commercial purposes and at home.

New Technology – Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT)

Withstand earthquakes. This is the adaptation of the science of earthquake engineering. AVT is a design that provides the professional a power tool solution with less vibration, less noise and a lot of power. Putting the AVT into different Makita Power Tools are the patented solutions that have put the company ahead of the competition in comfort and performance. AVT is available in power tools like breaker hammer, rotary hammer, and the recipro saw and jigsaws.

As a part of Makita Tools, the company has just released a new angle impact driver kit. It is a breakthrough in lithium-ion technology and also in the cordless variety, because it delivers mo