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If a person’s house is constructed on a slab and he/she wants to refurbish the basement or garage, then he/she would have to pact with the concrete floor. Most of the flooring materials can be mounted over concrete, including carpet, wood, and tile. For achieving the best results, one will have to do the concrete floor leveling before fitting; this will avoid dunks, lumps, and cracked tiles.

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Preparations. For concrete floor leveling, clean up the concrete floor first and then rub the floor with a scrapper or polish it with heavy grit paper. Vacuum it again to remove the dust. After this, move a casing square or a flat piece of wood on the overall surface to check if there are spots, which are not in level. Mark these high or low spots with a marker or chalk. Get a concrete grinder (best overall at Amazon) or rent from a floor specialty shop or rental center. In these shops, one can find the required tools, which could be needed in the leveling process of the concrete floor. For big bumps use a high grinder or give the contract of the work to a floor removal specialist. Both of the options are expensive but consume less time to do the work

Level. Open all exterior doors and windows and cover the doorframes, cabinets, furniture, and other items and accessories in or near the concrete floor with tarps and sheets. Grind down higher areas by using concrete grinders up to its level then sweep and clean the surface of the floor. Prepare a quick curing concrete floor leveling mixture (check on Amazon) according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Work with fewer amounts since the mixture solidifies rapidly. Now pour the mixture in small sections in front of the framing square or piece of flat lumber. Now pull the lumber over the compound. Wait for 20 to 30 minutes and then go over it with a trowel and drywall taping knife.

The importance of being a self-leveler is that one can control or manage the height of the floor. The concrete floor leveling can also be stained or sealed. There are many products available for concrete floor leveling without having any retrenchment. The self-concrete floor- leveling product has solved the entire problem related to the heights of the floor. The self-leveling product is poured thin, a little bit more than 1/4 inch. A gauge rake (check on Amazon) is used to drag the concrete up to the exact height.

Style. These can also be painted if someone requires painting or coloring. The result of the concrete floor leveling, coloring, or staining is a highly ornamental, stylish, and low maintenance floor. One of the most exclusive features is the evaluation of wall color and lighting. This feature cannot be achieved from other flooring products and is complicated when working with decorative concrete. Generally, there are many defects in most of the decorative concrete floors after concrete floor leveling but these floors are mainly a thing of beauty. Any imperfection would not be apparent since 80% over the floor would be covered with tables, chairs, and other things.


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