Clogging in the sink: everything that is important to know

There is nothing more frustrating than a blockage in the sink. In the following guide, we will explain what causes it, what to do before ordering a plumber and whether there is a warranty for opening a blockage in the sink?

Returning home after a working day is not simple, you collected the children from the circles and friends, prepared their favorite food for them, and now have to wash dishes. But then you found out that the sink was clogged. There’s no worse timing than that, is there?

In the following guide, we will explain what reasons cause clogging in the sink, what is desirable to do before ordering a plumber home, what is not worth doing, and what we need to find out with the plumber before he gets to you.


What causes clogging in the sink?

Non-perishable substances such as fats, food residues, fallen hairs, ear sticks, etc.are washed in the drain opening.

After a while, the dirt crystallizes in the siphon under the sink and clogs it. Please note, the accumulation of these substances can also cause a bad smell coming from the sink.

So, if a bad smell comes from the sink, does this indicate a blockage? Yes, the smell of sewage from the sink may indicate a blockage in the siphon of the sink or even in the depth of the drainpipe of the sink.

What do we do before ordering a plumber?

First, make sure that there is no accumulation of hairs near the drain opening of the sink. In the event that you have found such, you can try and pull them out with a toothpick.

After that, you can try to open the blockage using a Pompe. Pour a little water into the sink and then “pump” back and forth with the Pompe, perhaps the hard dirt will be persuaded to go down towards the drainpipe with your help.

If you have not been able to open the blockage yourself, it is likely that this is a more complex blockage and you need to invite a professional plumber to locate and open it.

In the telephone conversation with the plumber, he is likely to ask you whether the water in the sink rises even when the tap is closed. If so, it is likely that the focus of the blockage is not at all in your place, but in the neighbor’s apartment above and this is a more complex blockage that you are not officially responsible for.

In addition, check whether there is a blockage while foci in the House. If so, it is likely that this is not a local blockage in the sink, but a more extensive blockage in the sewer pipe.

All the information you have collected until now about the fault, provide the plumber in order to be able to reach the desired solution in the shortest possible time.

It is important to note – in the event that it is late in the evening, we advise you to wait with the repair and order the plumber during the usual working hours. In the event that you order it late in the evening or at night, the cost of work may be expensive by up to 200%.

Until the plumber arrives, it is recommended to vacate the working area under the sink and make sure that access to the checkpoint (in the kitchen or in the shower) is free and convenient. A plumber who will need to disassemble a cabinet, door, or any other element to reveal the checkpoint, will require an extra charge from you.

What should not be done before ordering a plumber?

First, in most cases where there is a blockage in the sink, the problem arises from clogging in the siphon. The deck is a threaded body, to release it must be rotated clockwise. In the event that you do not know how to disassemble the siphon, it is recommended to call a professional plumber.

In any case, it is recommended to place a bucket under the sink, in order to drain the water from the pipes and clean the internal contents. If you do not know how to disassemble a siphon, leave it to the plumber.

Also, we recommend that you do not push things into the sink to try and open the blockage alone, you will only worsen the existing situation.

The use of chemicals is not recommended, the use of various products that are supposed to help us open fillings can cause additional piping problems in the near future and may cause worse problems in the future.

How will a professional plumber open the blockage in the sink?

First, the plumber will go to the deck, clean it of dirt that is inside it, return it to its place and check whether the blockage has loosened.

In the event that the clog is not released, it will open the control box of the kitchen or shower and clean off the much dirt that has accumulated in it by means of a special spiral spring.

Today, most of the plumbers use an electric spiral for opening fillings and have abandoned the option of manual spring.

In any case, we recommend that you make sure in advance with the plumber what tools he intends to use to open the blockage, and whether using an electric spiral may expensive the cost of work.

In the event that it was discovered that the blockage is in the depth of the piping, it will have to open such a blockage with an electric spiral. It is important to note that in such a case, the price will rise significantly.

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Is there any warranty for opening a blockage in the sink?

For opening a blockage in the sink is unacceptable to give a warranty, if due to the work