You’ll Never Buy Butter From The Store Again After You’ve Made It Yourself (Two Ingredient Recipe)


Butter is a popular ingredient in most households, a traditional staple. But, conventional butters can be bad for your health; you might want to consider making your own it is easy!

The butter you buy at the grocery store is packed with pasteurized milk that is pumped full of hormones and chemicals as well as trans-fat that is horrible for your health. Conventionally raised cows are most commonly fed GMO corn and soy, and the feed is sometimes fortified with additional protein and CLA from GMO rapeseed. What about the huge amounts of herbicides being sprayed onto the GMO crops? They have been shown to increase cancer rates, harm the environment, and our bodies.

Make your own!


3 Cups Organic Heavy Cream

Sea salt


Pour the cream into a food processor and process for around 10 minutes. It will turn into a thick whipped cream at first. Continue processing until it gets grainy and begins to separate. Drain the butter from the buttermilk, scrape the butter from the sides and put it into a clean bowl. Rinse the butter with cold water, gently turning while the cold water runs over the spoon until the water runs clear. Once clean, squeeze the liquids from the butter using wooden paddles or spoons to smash the butter and pour off the liquid.