Natural Medicine Which Will Cure Your Ear Infections

If you want to get better results in treating ear infections and decreasing the level of earwax we advise you to try this natural medicine.

This medicine is used only for mild ear infections and moderate amounts of earwax or water in the ear. You should consult your doctor if you are facing some serious problems.


You will need only two ingredients for preparation of this medicine: alcohol and white wine vinegar.

Take a small bowl and fill it half with vinegar and half with alcohol. Put your head on one side and pour 5 ml from this liquid (one teaspoon) in your ear. Stay sill for 1 minute and then straight up your head in order the liquid to drain from your ear.

This treatment should be repeated twice a day if you have problems with earwax, water in your ear or ear infection.


In case you don’t feel any improvement in a period of three days you should consult your doctor.