9 Ways to Decorate With Vintage Finds

Ways to Decorate With Vintage Finds

Ways to Decorate With Vintage Finds

Decorate With Vintage Finds

The flea market is a great place to find decorative vintage items. And the good news is that the items there are priced really low because these are second hand products. Still, that doesn’t mean that the things that can be found in such places are junk. It’s quite the contrary, actually, as antique and unique items can usually be found in places like this. If you’re into decorating your home with things that bring a historical interest in your surrounding, you can make room for vintage finds without actually cluttering up your place.

1.Take Note of the Background Color

If you’re going to display vintage items on shelves, make sure that the shelves themselves have interesting colors. This will depend, of course, on the type of decors that you’re going to place there. If you have a collection of baskets, for example, these would look quite boring on shelves with plain white background. So you can paint the shelves with a soft green shade to make the baskets displayed more eye-catching.

2. Use Open Shelves for Storage

Open shelves make for a great place to display antique decors. This type of storage is particularly good for holding items that you use every day, such us cooking utensils. You can put such items on shelves in your kitchen so that these are easily accessible while serving for the purpose of decorating the room too. In order to maintain an uncluttered look, however, you’ll have to keep the color theme simple.

3. Take Advantage of a Natural Color Palette

There are certain display items that would look good on a white background, such as brightly-colored pottery. Likewise, unique looking glass ware would look good in the same background too. For best results, you can combine one or two colors in the setup so as to create a classic overall effect.

4. Use Classic Color Combination to Keep Things Looking Organized

Classic color combinations such as white and blue and cream and pink can never go wrong when it comes to decorating one’s home. You can use said color combinations when grouping vintage items as these won’t result in having a messed up and busy look. Use this technique when displaying trinkets, dinnerware, figurines, and other knick knacks.

5. Utilize Double Duty Antique Finds

A lot of antique products can double as storage places, so take advantage of such versatility when decorating your home with such finds. Suitcases, for example, can hold some of your decorative things when these are not currently in use. And stacking several vintage suitcases in a corner has an interesting decorative effect too.

6. Put Up a Vintage Pantry

A vintage pantry would look good in a modern kitchen as long as it’s decorated properly. By adopting a country look such as combining wood trims and a yellow background, shelves would look cheery and interesting at the same time. You can place your everyday condiments on these shelves as well as decorative jars and baskets.

7. Hang Antique Plates on Walls

Antique plates look good as display items on cabinets; but they can also be used as wall decors. And this is not only applicable in the kitchen as such set up looks good in the dining room and living room areas as well. The way to bring out the beauty in these plates is to arrange them in such a way that their designs, shapes and sizes are noticeable. Grouping said items in their specific color theme will also result in an organized-looking decoration.

8. Combine White and Gold Colors

Combining white and gold colors is an effective way of making decorations easy on the eyes. White background has the general effect of making a place look neat and uncluttered. And if cabinets and shelves are colored white, these would look clean as well. You can place white vintage items in said cabinets and combine some gold-colored decors to the setup to break the monotony.

9. Group a Collection of Similar Items

If you’re fond of collecting certain antique items, you can designate a special area in your house for these finds. A collection of antique mirrors would look good when grouped together as these will become the focal point in a particular room. The same technique can be used for antique vases, jars, and wine glasses.

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