How to repair a crumbling concrete wall?

crumbling wall and bricks

Owning a house comes with the responsibility of taking care of it. Buildings, especially older ones tend to develop cracks here and there, the basement walls crumbling and the driveway all falling apart; all which needs immediate attention.

Jump to the step by step guides for fixing:

Crumbling basement walls solution

Hard cracks and chips

Spalling concrete walls

Vertical cracks in retaining walls

Crumbling concrete driveway

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DIY wire mesh parrot cage

wire mesh

Wire mesh is commonly used these days to construct all kinds of bird cages. In fact, one of the most popular usages of meshes the world over is in building bird cages and animal pens. This is because meshes present us with a very cost-effective way of building cages. One of the primary advantages of … Read more

Maintaining your attic storage

Attic windows

When it comes to determining the extent to which an attic in a home can be used for storage, it is important to consider the style of the home. The best uses of space are often found in homes that were built in the Victorian style as well as the pre-1970s Colonial homes. This is … Read more

Choosing Rugs for Your Home

brown rhods carpet

While it is relatively easy to see the decorative of furniture and wall hanging, rugs can also add sophistication to your home. They are much easier to move than most type of interior decorations. Rugs can also help subtly accent furniture or wall colors. They are also vital for their cleanliness as they don’t collect … Read more

Gorilla glue vs Super glue vs Krazy glue

gorilla krazy super scotch glue tubes

It all started after a friendly fight in my neighbor’s workshop where he said that Gorilla glue is the only quick dry glue he ever needs while I claimed that the original super glue is good enough for my amateur needs. For the fun of it, we added Krazy glue and scotch as well.

gorilla krazy super scotch glue packs

The next step was to agree on a set of tests that will determine which one is better, remember that we are not experts and we definitely do not have a fancy testing lab or anything like that. We have decided to test those products for common uses.  Sure, other people have other uses but for us, this list of tests seems to be enough. We have also included a list of the main things we do with fast adhesives here so you will be able to understand the reasoning for the tests.

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What is DampRid?

DampRid bucket Moisture Absorber

Don’t you hate this little musty smell you get when you enter your basement? Have you got moisture in the air around you? Well, you probably need DampRid.  Just leave it in the humid space and you will easily get rid of the excess moisture from the air.

DampRid (chceck on Amazon)  a portfolio fo solutions aims to attract and trap moisture from the air.  By reducing the humidity DampRid prevents damage to goods (mainly from the mold) and musty odors which are common in close spaces. The main ingredient is a salt names calcium chloride which is all natural, refillable and disposable. 

Its role is to help keep the moisture level below 60 percent.

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