Gorilla glue vs Super glue vs Krazy glue

It all started after a friendly fight in my neighbor’s workshop where he said that Gorilla glue is the only quick dry glue he ever needs while I claimed that the original super glue is good enough for my amateur needs. For the fun of it, we added Krazy glue and scotch as well.

gorilla krazy super scotch glue packs

The next step was to agree on a set of tests that will determine which one is better, remember that we are not experts and we definitely do not have a fancy testing lab or anything like that. We have decided to test those products for common uses.  Sure, other people have other uses but for us, this list of tests seems to be enough. We have also included a list of the main things we do with fast adhesives here so you will be able to understand the reasoning for the tests.

You might have other tests to suggest and we will sure do like to hear about those and maybe add them to this piece.

Best quick glue results

In order not to bore you with the long details, here are the results :

And the winner is …

#1 – Gorilla Glue

Easily the best glue between the four tested. Took the first place in all three important aspects: Strong, quick dry and easy to work with. While there is no question about its adhesiveness I feel that its gel form and how is it is to work with could have given him the first place on its own. True, it cost a little more but there is no doubt that it is the best. On top of that, they have the gel version which is even better (check on Amazon)

#2 – Scotch

Got the same results in terms of toughness and how quickly it is to dry. Might share the first place with the ape if a price would have been added as a factor.

#3 – Original super glue

A great surprise on breaking point test compared to the price.

#4 – Krazy Glue

Took the last place and deserved it… very slow to dry compared to the other and was the first to break down on the ‘how strong’ test.

How did we test it?

We have used three basic structures:

gorilla super lego plastic

Plastic represented by lego square. True, plastic is a wide range of materials that behave differently with each adhesive but this is what we have. All 4 products did well. The little structure feels solid yet there is a clear difference in what remains (residue)

metal super scotch glue

The metal which is represented by a pack of 2 heavy screws. This one it an interesting one, I believe that the awkward surface and the weight on the metal will be a challenge to hold. All 4 products did a good job.

leather scotch krazy glue

Leather – for that we used… leather 🙂 Why? mainly because it can react as a sponge to the liquid and it will be interesting to see how the different products will react. Bottom line, they all failed 🙁 Initially it seems like the Gorilla will be able to do it and it was easy to work with its gel form but after a day it broke down easily. 

Super glue for leather? no! look for other adhesives.

Why those materials and not others? Just because we think those are the things we fix the most. Maybe in a later stage, we will add rubber and glass.

In term of glues, we just acquired the most basic versions. Different and more advanced version will surely behave differently but it is an endless matrix of option that we do not have the capacity to check.


We have run two tests on the lego structure and one on a human volunteer. For the lego structure, we have tested the weight it can hold using a digital weight and wanted to find the breaking point of the glues structures:

broken plastic with weight test

It took some time and effort to slowly find the suite spot. Initially, we didn’t give the products enough respect and asked a 12yo kid to do the pulling. Sadly he didn’t have enough power for the better products :

    • Gorilla glue and scotch: 100lb
    • Original super glue: 90lb
    • Krzay glue: 40lb

BUT! What we have found out after looking on the broken pieces was kind of amazing. The glue didn’t break but the lego bricks did! Even on pulling power of 100lb the glues hold :

Broken lego due to superglue

For the third and ultimate test, our brave gunnie pig allowed his fingers to get glued and gave us his impression about the strength of each candidate. Rest assure that he thoroughly cleaned his fingers with acetone between each test.

Glue your fingers test

result were the same like the breakup test. Seems like the Krazy one is not even trying


This one is very important and stirs up a lot of interest. For that, we used to tests :

  • Two days in water – Just put our structures in a bucket full of water for two days and see if it has any effect. We didn’t run the whole strength test again but just validated it by eye and hand
  • waterproof test plastic and metal gorilla glue

      Glued plastic and metal in the water

Final result: no change at all. All remain solid and it seems like plain water has no effect on the stickiness.

  • The goal of the second test was to check the sealing abilities of the materials on cracked and open surfaces. Sadly none of them did any good. A 1mm hole was too much for them and even the gorilla gel didn’t make it. Bummer.


Heat resistance

oven glue test

The idea that we can leave something glued in our car on a hot summer day led us to the test of putting our glues structures into an oven heated to 122F for an hour. Same like in the water resistance test we checked by eyes and hand only.

All products remain glued and there were no serious breakups. While still, hot the super glue get the best grade for solidness on the plastic front while Krazy gets the worst for both plastic and metal. It seems like it is the only one that became a bit spongy and the plastic bricks were not really solid together



Picture of nail polish remover

We hate the ugly plastic remains that spill from all sides or cloud our stuff. We needed to check that those can be easily removed by using a standard nail polish remover.

There was much less spill on the Gorilla sample.  The original super glue left some kind of dust like remains.

Final result: A win to the Gorilla, the rest require some carefulness when applying.


Quick dry

One of the important aspects for a day to day use. You have to know that you can trust your glue after only a short time of holding it. Yes, we know about giving it time to completely dry up but this is a fast glue and we want it to work fast.

Official numbers on the Gorilla glue state 10-45 seconds so we have decided on 30 seconds and immediately try to break the bonds. In this case, the Krazy glue was the most problematic and especially on the metal test. We believe that even after 2 minutes we could have touched on non-dried areas.

Not tested

    • One area that we really wanted to check but avoided is the healing properties of super glue. We are not doctors, or EMTs or anything like that so we are anywhere near being qualified to deal with those aspects. In other words… please ignore whatever we say in this part.
    • Applicators – True, some of them are great but we are kind of old school
    • Different types of adhesives from the various vendors. We do not have the time and resources to check them all. We tried to stick with the very basic super glue.


Can superglue really help with blisters?

One can find a lot of reports from ultra athletes, hikers and army people using super glue to kind of create a temporary second skin. See one explanation here


How to deal with superglue burns?

First, you have to know that it is completely possible to be burned by super glue. There are official reports about those cases where sensitive skin reacts to super glue in the same way it reacts to hazardous materials. Why take any chances?  Just assume it not safe to the skin and remain on the safe side.


In terms of treatment, it is mostly similar to regular burns unless there is a messy stickup of glues materials to the affected area (fabrics and such)

Is super glue toxic for cuts?

In short: Yes it is perfectly possible to close wounds with super glue but there better ways to do it. Way over our pay grade so you are welcome to read it all here

Based on our online research we learned that Cyanoacrylate is safe and has been used for medical purposes for a long time. Yet reading the products labels there are so many warnings that don’t really let us relax on using this cement for emergency treatment needs.

Our fast dry glue uses

Like the person next door, there is no one thing we are using gorilla glue for. If we try to compile a list of the main thing we are doing with this useful adhesive it will probably looks like this :

    • Main use is surely toys and jewelry. Those little breakups of plastic toys or a little stone falling from an earing are at first place
    • Science projects and little home fixes come next. Stuff at home usually requires a little stronger materials but the fast drying is a great feature that helps nail problems.
    • Little wood breakups. It never lasts as good as a screw but when there is no real weight on the little pieces then this one is great for the quick and dirty
    • Arts and crafts
    • Camping and outdoor gear
    • Workshop and tools breakups

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