How to use ryobi router

The Home Depot RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless Fixed Base Trim Router

Ryobi Trim Router Ryobi has taken wireless power tools to the next level of innovation with its line of 18v hand tools. These tools are easy to use and conveniently run off of the same 18v battery which is interchangeable for each tool. This means that you will never have to worry about your tool’s … Read more

Circular saw tips and tricks

skill circular saw with flying dust

It takes more than a rusty old circular saw blade and an electric outlet to get straight, clean cuts from your portable circular saw. By keeping your blade sharp and clean, following good safety practices and employing a few tips and tricks of the trade, you’ll be making nice straight cuts faster than you can … Read more

Six Essential Wiring Skills, Learn Them All in Minutes

light bulb connected to the socket

Just about anyone can do basic home wiring. If you’re careful about connections and follow a few commonsense safety tips, wiring is among the most predictable, pleasant parts of construction. And you’re never long in doubt whether you’ve wired things correctly. If you goof, a fuse or a breaker trips harmlessly; if you do it … Read more

The Drywaller’s Toolkit: 12 Essential Tools for a Perfect Job 👍

broken drywall

The earliest wall finish was probably some form of mud, a crude plaster smeared over stone or stuffed into the gaps between logs. Today, chances are the walls in your home are sheathed in drywall—panels made of gypsum sandwiched in heavy paper. It’s also called wallboard and Sheetrock (or just “rock”), a trade name of … Read more