You’re Going To Love These Shelve Building Ideas As Much As We Do

Building Ideas

Building Ideas

Shelve Building Ideas

Can you imagine your home without shelves? Your home would probably be messy and things getting misplaced and hard to find. Good thing shelves are not difficult to make. There are even very simple shelving ideas that could help you keep things in your home in order with the use of items that you already have.

These shelves may differ in look but they have the same function hence anyone can make one for their home.

A very simple shelf that does not need construction is one which makes use of crates and baskets. Just sand and paint several crates then position them vertically on your wall. Attach the crates using nails. Next, place the baskets inside the crates and you now have a very simple crate shelf.

For your kitchen, you can create a clothespin storage shelf. This type of shelf only requires a slab of wood and clothespin.  Make marks on the wood and this is where you will attach the clothespin. After fastening the clothespin you can paint the shelf and when it dries you can position it in your kitchen.

For an eye catching shelf you can make use of books and wooden brackets. 3 books were secured to form a panel like surface. Next, the 2 brackets are placed in the wall making sure that the space will allow the book to sit on top of the brackets.

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