Lemon as cure for cancer

Since 1970 is known that lemon eliminates malignant cells in twelve types of cancer, like colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and throat cancer.Lemon as cure for cancer

You can try this: Drain half lemon, section with warm water and drink it.

Lemon (citrus) is amazing fruit that is able to eliminate the cancer cells. It is believed that is 10.000 times more efficient than chemotherapy. Why didn’t we find out about this earlier?

This is because some laboratories intend to develop their own synthetic product that will result with huge profits. If you know someone who needs help in his cancer fight, you should share this information. It does not leave any side effects like chemotherapy does, and it is tasty.

You can even plant your own lemon free in your garden or backyard. Many people are dying while someone keeps the secret from his own reasons (usually for having a great profit).

The lemon tree is not big and it will not take too much space in your garden. Lemons can be used in many different ways: you can eat them, squeeze them or juice them. It has many benefits and characteristics, but the most important is that it leaves impact on cysts and tumors.

Lemon has shoved as effective against all cancers. It has also antimicrobial properties and is useful against broad spectrum of bacterial infections and fungi, parasites in the intestines, controls the increased blood pressure and nerve disarrays and works as anti-depressant.

The lemon kills the cancer cells and leaves the healthy ones unharmed, which on the other hand is not the case with chemotherapy.

Source : www.cuisineandhealth.com