How To Prevent The Formation of Ice In Your Fridge?

Your fridge forms ice, because the cold air draws out the humidity out of the ingredients that you keep inside.

Cold air can’t keep the humidity like hot air so it must accumulate it somewhere – in closed areas like fridges, it’s on their walls and drawers.

So that your fridge isn’t always coated in icebergs(and you don’t have to melt it every ten days), try some of the following tricks.

  • Use oil.
    An advice you’ve probably heard numerous times is to wipe all the walls and drawers with oil.
    It will create a slippery surface on which ice can’t be formed.
    It’s a good option, but that doesn’t really solve the problem with humidity in your fridge.
  • Shut your ingredients tightly.
    In order to decrease the quantity of humidity in your fridge, always close your ingredients.
  • The best option is to use machines that shut bags, but you can also use bags with a zipper or containers with lids.
    Squeeze out as much air as possible from those bags before you put them in the fridge.
    By using zipper bags and containers with lids, you’ll prevent the formation of ice in your fridge and by squeezing out the air from the bags you’ll prevent the formation of ice on the inside of the bag.