How To Grow Your Own Apple Trees From Seeds

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Growing your own apples is a great way to save money. While it takes a little more effort than simply tossing some seeds on the ground, it still is a fairly simple process that you will not regret doing!

You will need:

A few apples

Lots of paper towels

A sharp knife

A plastic bag

Compost (store bought or homemade)

Pots, just a few

Clingfilm (plastic wrap)

Masking tape

Getting started (Germination):

Well, first off you will need to get the seeds out of the apple. Using the knife carefully cut straight down the center of the apples one at a time. Take the seeds out and place them onto a paper towel.

Wrap the seeds in the paper towel, make sure the seeds are completely covered. Moisten the paper towel all over and put the seed filled paper towels into the plastic bag. Tie the bag so that it is completely sealed and put them in the fridge.

Now wait about a month for the seeds to germinate checking on them roughly once a week to re-soak the paper towels.

Eventually, the seeds will begin sprouting tiny white vines, this is how you will know they are ready for the next stage.

Once the seeds have been germinated and have begun sprouting simply drop them into the pots about 2″ deep and using the compost cover them well. Give them time to grow and always remember to water them.

Be patient.

In the future, you will have delicious apple trees.

Source- Organic Health