Here Is How To Cure Toothache In 7 Minutes

Murphy’s law says that you will get a toothache at Friday afternoon right before an amazing weekend or on a national holiday when dentist don’t work. Lucky for you there is a solution which will help you ease your trouble.

Toothache is definitely one of the worst pains which may happen. However, thanks to this simple trick your toothache will disappear until you get to the dentist and he can take care of you.

A research, which was conducted in Canada in the 80s, showed that it is possible to diminish or decrease toothache without opening your mouth. All you need is a simple ice cube which will be placed on the area between your thumb and index finger. Rub the ice cube on that place for 5 – 7 minutes.

This area of your palm is the place where the nerve endings, which are related to the pain center in the brain, are placed. Rubbing this place with ice cubes blocks that centers. 90% of the patients who took place in a research confirmed that this is a very useful technique which saved them from the pain.