10 Cancer Symptoms That Everyone Ignores


Cancer is popping everywhere nowadays. Are you ignoring cancer symptoms without knowing?
It seems as though no matter what you do, what you avoid, what your diet is, there is some chance you can get cancer, whether it be the air you breathe or just your genetics. Cancer is unavoidable, especially if you’re having symptoms and are ignoring them.
There are symptoms for just about every illness and disease. If you just have a common cold or bronchitis, you had symptoms. What if the symptoms you are having are cancer symptoms and you just think it’s the flu?

Read these cancer symptoms and get checked.


1. Persistent Cough or Hoarseness

Coughing is usually a sign of lung congestion and trying to loosen the mucus that is trapped in the chest. Most coughs are not cancerous, but if your cough is persistent or bloody, you need to see a medical doctor immediately.

2. Persistent Change in Bowel Habits

Everybody is different with their bowels. So a normal bowel habit can vary from person to person. You may regularly go while your neighbor only goes twice a week. But, you need to notify your doctor if you notice the following: bloody or black colored stool, persistent diarrhea or constipation, and unexplained urges to go.

3. Persistent Change in Bladder Habits

Does your urine smell strange? Is your urine an odd color? These are questions to ask yourself if you believe there is something wrong. If you believe there is something wrong with your urinary habits, consult a doctor.

4. Persistent Unexplained Pain

If you have a nagging pain anywhere, back, neck, legs, etc., let your doctor know.

5. Change in the Appearance of a Mole

Yup, even moles are a symptom of cancer. If you have noticed a new mole or change in color of a mole, you need to visit a dermatologist.

6. A Sore that Does Not Heal

Usually, our body heals itself. Cancer cells attack the white blood cells in the body, so the white blood cells can’t defend against enemies and heal the body.

7. Unexpected Bleeding

Bleeding from the vagina outside the normal menstrual cycle is a common symptom of cervical cancer. Bleeding from the rectum can mean colon cancer.

8. Sudden Weight Loss

Although this would be great, losing weight without trying, it is a sign over cancer. If you lose 10 pounds without trying, that could mean pancreatic, stomach, esophageal or lung cancer.

9. Unexplained Lump

Always exam yourself regularly. If you find or notice a lump that wasn’t there before consult your doctor. The lump may be on the breast, testicle, lymph node, or soft tissue areas.

10. Persistent Difficulty Swallowing

If you are experiencing difficulty swallowing, you may have esophageal, stomach or throat cancer. Check with your doctor.